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Management philosophy

Brighten up by Lightening-up

"The radiancies of LEDs are now fully known as the future of lighting devices.

LED Inspires US = LEDIUS
This is our concept.

Takasho Digitec aims to brighten up your lives with our Outdoor Lightings, LED signs, and Illuminations."


Establishment November 2004
Directors Nobuo Takaoka, Chairman and Representative Director
Ryosuke Furusawa, President and Representative Director
Atsushi Inoue, Director
Capital 20 million yen
Settlement period 20 January
Transaction bank Kiyo Bank
Number of employees 122 (including 82 full-time employees)
26 qualified electricians
Business description 1. Development, planning, manufacturing and sales of large signs to nameplates using LEDs.
2. Development, planning, manufacturing and sales of signs and lighing for commercial facilities.
3. Development, planning, manufacturing and sales of lighting for exterior gardening.
Group enterprise Takasho Co., Ltd.
Garden Create Co., Ltd.
Aoyama Garden Co., Ltd.
Toko Shizai Co., Ltd.
China・Tianjin 高秀国際工貿有限公司
China・Shanghai 高秀園芸建材有限公司
China・Foshan 南方高秀電子科技有限公司
China・Manzhouli 高秀木業有限公司
China・Zhejiang 東陽高秀花園製品有限公司
China・Jiangxi 高秀進出口貿易有限公司
China・Jiujiang 高秀園芸製品有限公司
China・Zhejiang 正特高秀園芸建材有限公司
Germany, Takasho Europe Co., Ltd.
UK, Veg Trug Co., Ltd
Australia, Takasho Australasia Co., Ltd.
USA, Veg Trug USA Co., Ltd.
India, Takasho India

as of December 2022

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