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  • LEDIUS Outdoor Lighting Catalog 2020

    • Garden & Exterior Lightings

    Published in April 2021

    From low-voltage lights to 100V lights, this catalog covers everything on our outdoor lighting fixtures. [A4 size, 320 pages]

  • LEDIUS Catalog VOL.8

    • LED Signs

    Published in November 2019

    Any type of logo or design can be made into LED signs.This catalog will show you all the variations we can make, as well as LED modules. [A4 size, 68 items]

  • MK Illumination 2020

    • MK Illumination

    NEW Published in June 2020

    Illuminations for professionals with the highest quality, workability and beauty… all in this catalog! Check out the past projects based on our lineup. [A4 size, 76 pages]

  • Heartful Lighting Style Book [For Clients]

    • Garden & Exterior Lightings

    Published in April 2019

    Useful guide to hand out to your clients. An excellent lifestyle planner for those who are considering to bring light into their garden. [B5 size, 21 pages]

  • LEDIUS Cam Pamphlet

    • Garden & Exterior Lightings

    Published in July 2018

    Introducing a network camera using low-voltage to create a new value of safety for your lifestyle. With the checksheet in the pamphlet, you can learn all about the mechanism, products, construction, planning and applications you need to install the system. New repeater available for weak outdoor radio waves. [A4 size, 12 pages]

  • LEDIUS Cam Talk Pamphlet

    • Garden & Exterior Lightings

    Published in May 2019

    With the LEDIUS Cam Talk, you will be able to answer your doorbell on your smartpphone anytime, anywhere! Check out for more information on this pamphlet which features useful doorbells for those who go out a lot. [A4 size, 6 pages]

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