About our operating situation due to the influence of the new coronavirus

We sincerely feel mercy for those who have died from the new coronavirus infection, and we sincerely pray for those who have been affected.
Regarding the impact of new coronavirus infection on our business, we will report as follows.

For all of the businesses we develop, (LED Sign, Lighting, Illumination), we have enough material stock, there is no problem in the production system because the factory is operating as usual.
There is no effect of the new coronavirus at this moment, we will responsed for inquiries or orders as usual.

We will promptly notify you of any important changes in the future situation.

That’s all

<<Takasho Digitec Co., Ltd. Company Profile>>

◆ Head Office Location:
20-1 Minamiakasaka, Kainan, Wakayama, Japan 642-0017

◆ Representative:
Ryosuke Furusawa, President and Representative Director

◆ Business description:

  1. Development, planning, manufacture and sale of nameplates from large signs using LEDs
  2. Development, planning, manufacturing and sales of signs and lighting in commercial facilities
  3. Development, planning, manufacturing and sales of lighting for exterior gardening

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