Garden & Exterior Lighting General Catalog “LEDIUS” 2020 edition published.

Takasho Co., Ltd., a garden lifestyle manufacturer (Head Office: Wakayama, Kainan; President: Nobuo Takaoka, Tokyo Stock Exchange: 7590) and subsidiary who responsible for the lighting business, Takasho Digitec Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Wakayama, Kainan; President: Ryosuke Furusawa), Garden & Exterior Lighting General Catalog “LEDIUS” 2020 edition was published on (Fri) 10 April, 2020.
This ninth catalog “LEDIUS”, was used to be mainly for outdoor homes has been expanded to contract markets such as stores and facilities. it was created with the aim of making it accessible to architectural and landscape customers.
In addition, the content has been improved so that new customers can quickly reach information regardless of the industry.
This is a general catalog of outdoor lighting for all customers involved in outdoor lighting (320 pages in total).

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◆ LEDIUS 2020 Edition Features

(1) Enhanced content for residential market and contract market

The outdoor lowvolt® light system promoted by our company can be used not only in homes but also in large-scale stores and facilities, more photographs of construction examples in the contract market than before, renewed magazine that makes it easy to imagine the site.
Also, easy to use in a wider space than 12V system, the description of the 24V system has been improved to make it easier to understand.
For customers who are planning to use 100V light, we have started listing VA values that are useful for calculating the electric capacity
(Applicable to: 100V light and accessories, and lowvolt transformer).

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(2) Introducing LEDIUS-like products from a new entry point

Products unique to LEDIUS are called “higher rank lighting” and introduced from a different entry point.
Stimulating the creativity of our customers by letting them realize the appeal of products from a new angle.

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(3) Quick access to information you want to know “Reverse Searching INDEX”

“Reverse Searching INDEX” is newly added at the end of the catalog to make it easier for customers who are viewing the LEDIUS catalog for the first time.
In Q&A format that answers customer’s questions, we devised not only product information but also quick access to information customer want to know.

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