A comprehensive portal site for outdoor lighting “LEDIUS” has been released!

Takasho Co., Ltd., a garden lifestyle manufacturer (Head Office: Wakayama, Kainan; President: Nobuo Takaoka, Jasdaq: 7590) and subsidiary who responsible for the lighting business, Takasho Digitec Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Wakayama, Kainan), “LEDIUS”, a comprehensive portal site that covers all information about our lighting, was newly released on (Fri) 14 April, 2017.

About Takasho Lighting Information Portal Site “LEDIUS”


In the three fields of “Garden & Exterior Light”, “LED Sign” and “Illumination”, each construction example, product information is posted, especially beautiful construction example photos are not only for the contractor, the content is attractive for those who are considering purchasing products.
“Garden & Exterior Light”, a 3mins video that summarizes the features of the LEDIUS Lowvolt® Light System in easy-to-understand, explains the appeal of lighting.
In additional, we feature professional categories that are useful when making lighting plans.
Product search from idea tips, useful at all stages from planning to estimating.
Going forward, individual product features and planning tips, lighting techniques, aggregate various information accumulated so far, aim to be a comprehensive portal site that will be useful for all customers involved in lighting.

What is “LEDIUS”?

About “LEDIUS”, it is a brand of outdoor lighting that we apply.
We will continue to expand the possibilities of LED lighting with ecology, durability, ease of use, etc.
We, Takasho Digitec by using “LED”, “I” (Inspire) “US”, our lives and tomorrow. With this concept word: Raise LEDIUS,
In addition, we provide customers with the proposal of “light that changes their lives” with five themes of beauty, function, safety, security, and value.
In the future, we will continue to create a space that is comfortable for each customer.

Takasho Co., Ltd. Company Profile

◆ Sales Headquarters :
Ochanomizu Building 2F, 2-9 KDX, Surugadai, Kamizaki, Chiyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 101-0062

◆ Head Office :
201 Minamiakasaka, Kainan, Wakayama, Japan 642-0017

◆ Business Description
・ Products related to environmental exteriors (indoor and outdoor gardens, greening)
Planning and development
・ Import and export of garden supplies
・ Software development and sales of exterior products
・ Provision and processing of CAD and C.G. software

◆ Vision:
We aim to be a global one-of-a-kind company that constantly creates new values by anticipating changes and contributing to urban environmental garden culture widely.

◆ Website:
Click here for Website

Inquiries about our products

Takasho Co., Ltd.
PRO-USE Planning & Lifestyle Design Division Person in charge: Iwane Phone: 073-486-2531
Fax: 073-486-2563
Email address: takasho@takasho.co.jp

Inquiries about release

Takasho Co., Ltd.
Business Planning Office Person in charge: Kume
Phone: 072-734-8505
Fax: 072-734-8508
Email address: press@takasho.co.jp

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