Our Privacy Policy

Takasho Digitec Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) will comply with laws and other regulations regarding personal information protection and properly handle customer personal information based on the following basic policies.

1. Definition of personal information

Personal information refers to all information that can identify a customer individually, such as name, address, date of birth, gender, occupation, telephone number, and email address.

2. Purpose of using personal information

The Company acquires the personal information of customers by legal and fair means and uses it only to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes of use. Whenever we collect personal information directly from customers in writing or on the web, we will clearly state the purpose for which the information will be used.

To deliver materials and catalogs requested by customers. To deliver prizes in campaigns, etc. To provide information (such as e-mail magazines) by direct mail, e-mail, mailing, etc. To contact you for after-sales service, maintenance and other reasons. To respond to opinions and requests received regarding our company or our products. To browse members-only pages within the site. Along with being entrusted with the shipment of products from our suppliers, if you are entrusted with the handling of personal information, for its shipping and contact.

Of these, 1 to 6 are possessed by the Company with the authority to make disclosure, correction, addition or deletion, suspension of use, erasure, and suspension of provision to third parties (hereinafter referred to as ""disclosure, etc.""). It is about personal data. Statistical data such as questionnaires and monitors are processed and used in such a way that it is not possible to identify individual customers.

3. Management of personal information

  • (1) The Company has established the "Takasho Digitec Personal Information Protection Regulations", which will be thoroughly implemented by officers, employees, part-time workers, dispatched workers, etc., and will be improved and maintained.
  • (2) The Company shall endeavor to properly manage personal information in order to prevent loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information.

4 Provision of personal information to third parties

  • (1) The Company will not provide to third parties without obtaining the customer's consent in advance. However, this is not the case if it is required by law or permitted by law, if personal information is to be provided to a subcontractor such as a delivery company in order to achieve the purpose of use indicated to the customer, or if joint use specified in the next paragraph is to be performed. Not limited.
  • (2) The Company will share your personal data in the following manner.

1. Items of personal data to be shared
Personal information described in “1. Definition of personal information”
2. Scope of shared use
Our group companies
3. Purpose of use
Same as “2. Purpose of using personal information”

5. Person responsible for managing personal data

Takasho Digitec Co., Ltd.

6. Disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, and suspension of use of personal information

  • (1) If a customer requests disclosure of our personal data, we will disclose it without delay in accordance with laws and regulations and our internal rules.
  • (2) If a customer requests correction, addition, deletion, or suspension of use of our personal data, we will conduct necessary investigations without delay in accordance with laws and regulations and our internal rules, and respond appropriately.
  • (3) With regard to the above request, we will follow the procedures prescribed by the Company and confirm that the request is from the person or a duly authorized agent. For details, please contact "7 Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information".
  • (4) Since the Company does not have the authority to disclose, etc., the personal information (personal information entrusted by the contractor) used for the purpose of the above “2 Purposes of using personal information”, it is not possible to disclose etc. with the authority of the Company. Please note.

7. Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information

Contact: Takasho Digitec Co., Ltd. Personal information consultation desk
Address: 20-1 Minamiakasaka, Kainan, Wakayama, Japan 642-0017
Telephone: 073-484-3618

Please note that we may not be able to accept requests for direct visits to the company.
Currently, there is no certified personal information protection organization to which we belong.

8. Revision

We may revise this Privacy Policy regarding the handling of personal information.