LOW VOLT® SYSTEM 安心・安全・ローコストで様々な現場に対応

The Advantages of the Low Volt®︎ System

  • その1 施工も安全で簡単
  • その2 ブレーカーが落ちず安心
  • その1 施工も安全で簡単
  • その1 施工も安全で簡単
  • その1 施工も安全で簡単
  • Easy without the need of electrical tools.
    Safe with no danger of getting an electric shock.

  • Even if there is a leakage, the transformer will turn the system off and does not affect the interior electric system.

  • Cords and wire parts can be buried into soil so you can easily move or replace the equipment. You can change your lighting style according to the growth of your garden.

  • Voltages are converted into a low level by the transformer.
    Low voltage means that it can be installed by those who don't have an electric qualification.

  • A time and money saver with easy installation.
    No electric qualifications required.


Can be introduced to general houses and large facilities

Our Low Volt®︎ system can be installed in various places. The 12V Low Volt®︎ system is ideal for homes and personal gardens while the 24V Low Volt®︎ system are fit for large-scaled facilities.

For Large-scaled Spaces

Allows long-distance wiring

The 24V Low Volt® system's low voltage drop enables long wiring up to 6 times as long as the 12V Low Volt® system.

Simple wiring plans for large-scaled sites!

"The amount of cables needed had always been a problem when it comes to large-scaled sites. The 12V system required more branching and more wiring to avoid voltage drop. With our 24V Low Volt® system, you can carry out a simple wiring plan with feed wiring as the voltage drop is smaller than 12V."

The Low Volt®︎ System Chart

Low Volt®︎ System Planning Example

1Plan the lighting layout

Decide where you want your lights according to your lifestyle and garden layout. There are two types of lighting; target lighting and production lighting. It might be useful to refer to our lighting techniques and illuminance tables when planning.

2Choose a transformer

You will be needing a low voltage transformer to convert the AC 100V to a lower volt when installing Low Volt® lights. Select a low-voltage transformer according to the maximum permissible wattage of the transformer (up to 70% of the transformer wattage) depending on the total power consumption of the used products.

3Consider the wiring layout

Plan the wiring layout. The distance of the cord you can use will change according to the wattage used on each line.

View the voltage drop graph

4Select the accessories

The accessories required for this plan are…

  • LEIDUS low volt transformer 35W


  • Junction Box


  • Junction Box


  • Dryconn®


  • Gardenscape cord

    Length required

  • Connector


  • Connector


  • Coupling


  • Normal bend


  • Electric wire protection tube

    Length required

Low Volt®︎ Planner Pro

*For 12V only

Upload your blueprint to plan your layout!

From voltage-drop calculations to picking required accessories, the Low Volt® Planner Pro will do it all for you! The planner will automatically help you out with the troublesome calculating of wattages and voltage drops. You can even get an estimate of your plan.

  • Auto voltage drop calculation
  • Suggests your needed accessories
  • Wiring layouts can be drawn on the ground plan
  • Create an estimate with a single click

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