A better way to light up your garden by matching the colors of building materials and lighting devices.

With Ever Art Light®, you can now color-coordinate building materials and lighting!

It is a common technique to match the color of the lighting devices to those of window sashes, but this unintendedly causes an abrupt and uncomfortable space. The Ever Art Light® series adopt the same shades of color as fences and other building materials so your can color-coordinate with our wood fences, decks and patios to create a beautifully unified landscape.

  • Blends with the natural environment

  • Blends with the color patterns

  • Blends with other building materials

Available in 50 colors that match with our Ever Art Wood® series

You can freely choose and combine with the color theme of your building from Ever Art Light®'s 50 color variations.
From Western-style woody textures to Japanese patterns to match Japanese-style architectures, we have a wide variety of appliances to choose from.

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